SERPENT 130001 S21 Pullstart Engine

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Thank you very much for choosing a Serpent engine. Read this manual

with great attention before racing the engine, for your own safety as well

as for others, and to ensure you can enjoy your engine for a long time.

The engine is manufactured from precision parts. Always treat the

engine and parts very careful and avoid dirt and damage at al/ times.

The carburetor of the engine is pre-set in such way that easy starting is


In case you want to change any setting then follow the manual as per

below. Read very careful/y before making changes. Its always possible

to restare default settings if needed.


The engine is brandnew and requires a run-in session. This run-in

session will allow oil to lubricate the inner parts of the engine, the piston

and sleeve will get the best possible match and sorne coal will develop

and create a perfect seal inside the engine.

Follow the section Engine run-in carefully. It will protect your engine and

increase performance and lifetime.

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