INFINITY 2018 Team "U.S.A." T-shirt (BK) L size
INFINITY 2018 Team "U.S.A." T-shirt (BK) XL size
INFINITY 2018 Team T-Shirt (BK) XL Size
INFINITY A0056 Fuel Bottle


INFINITY CVD Maintenance Set (2Sets)
INFINITY G018 IF15 Shock Plastic Parts Set
INFINITY G041 IF15 2nd Gear Housing
INFINITY G121 IF15 Chassis Weight
INFINITY G121-14 IF15 Chassis Weight 14g
INFINITY G125 IF15 Adjustable Front Oneway Set
INFINITY G126 IF15 Adjustable Oneway Shaft
INFINITY IF11 1/10 Scale EP Formula Car Kit


INFINITY IF11 4.3mm Ball Joint (6pcs)
INFINITY IF11 Alu 6mm Pivot Ball Set
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